Salvage / Rebuilt Titles

Download the Rebuilt/Salvaged Vehicle Packet

What is a Salvage Title?

In Georgia, a salvage vehicle is any motor vehicle:

  • Damaged to the extent that its restoration to an operable condition would require the replacement of two or more component parts.
  • That an insurance company has paid a ‘total loss claim’ and the vehicle has not been repaired, regardless of the extent of damage or the number of major parts damaged.
  • Imported and was damaged in shipment and disclaimed by the manufacturer as a result of the damage:
    • Has never subject of a retail sale, and
    • Has never been issued a title.
  • Titled in another state and branded as “Total Loss,” “Salvage,” “Fire,” “Flood,” or “Water.”

Salvage vehicles cannot be operated legally on public roads in Georgia.

Vehicles must go through the Rebuilt process if:

  • Branded “Salvage” in Georgia.
  • Out-of-State branded “Salvage,” “Flood,” “Water,” “Fire,” and “Total Loss.”
  • Tractor cab restored with a glider kit.

What is a Rebuilt Title?

Once a Salvage vehicle has passed inspection and and been titled, the new title will print with the branding "rebuilt".

If you have a Georgia title branded "rebuilt", there is no need for inspection. Because it is a Georgia title, it has already gone through that process. You are free to title/register your vehicle. 

If the out-of-state title is branded as “Rebuilt” or “Restored,” (indicating that the vehicle is no longer in a damaged condition) the rebuilt vehicle procedures must be completed except for the following:

  • Photographs of the vehicle in its salvage/wrecked condition.
  • Receipts for parts used to restore the vehicle.
  • Form T-129 Labor and Parts Certification.

To obtain a rebuilt title:

  • Be a Licensed Rebuilder – Anyone who purchases a salvage or wrecked vehicle for the purpose of restoring or rebuilding must be licensed as a rebuilder
  • Pass Inspection – When the vehicle is restored but before it is painted, it must pass inspection by one of the Department’s approved private inspectors or stations.

To apply for a rebuilt title and vehicle inspection, submit the following to one of the Department approved private inspectors or stations:

  1. One or more photographs of the vehicle in its salvage/wrecked condition before any repairs are made.
  2. Completed and signed Form MV-1 Title/Tag Application.
  3. Original valid salvage title issued in the vehicle owner’s name or properly assigned to the owner.
  4. Completed and signed Form T-22R Request for Inspection of a Rebuilt Motor Vehicle.
  5. Completed and signed Form T-129 Labor and Parts Certification.
  6. Provide receipts for new or used parts used to restore/rebuild the vehicle should including:
    • Part names and stock numbers
    • Show the vehicle owner or rebuilder as the purchaser of the parts. (The rebuilder’s name, as shown on the parts receipts must be shown of Form T-129.)
    • For used parts, show the part name and the vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle from which the part was taken.
      • Parts vehicle must have a title on file with the Department or submitted at the time of the application.
      • If the parts are from another state, provide a letter of certification from the other state.
  7. Copy of Rebuilder’s License.
  8. $100.00 inspection fee for the inspection station.

All of the above items must be available at inspection. The vehicle must be towed, not driven to the inspection site. Once the vehicle passes inspection, all of the above paperwork along with the inspectors report and registration must be submitted with: $118.00 made payable to the Department of Revenue ($18.00 title fee and $100.00 state inspection fee).

Submit to: 
DOR/Motor Vehicle Division
Attn: Salvage Unit
P. O. Box 740384
Atlanta, Georgia 30374-0384

For all the documents you need to submit, as well as additional information, download our Rebuilt/Salvage Vehicle Packet.