Start Title Application

You can now start your Title Application online!

This pre-application can be helpful for you to determine how much you might pay to title your vehicle. Keep in mind though, that your actual total may be different, depending on the accuracy of the pre-application. 

A pre-application is helpful for our office to pull information about your vehicle, but we still need additional documentation. Once you complete the pre-application, bring your documents along with your pre-application conformation number. Without this number we can not access your pre-application. 

Your pre-application helps us to pull your information when we process your title, but it can not be used in leu of an official, signed MV-1 Title Application. If all owners are planning to visit the office we will help you finish your application and collect the required signatures at that time.

If there are multiple owners, and only one can  come in person, OR if you would like to send an agent on your behalf, print and complete the MV-1 Title application. Make sure all owners sign. We can not process titles without this signature.

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