Types of Title Transfer

When applying for a title transfer, you will generally need the following

  • Title (or Bill of Sale if no title is required)
  • Signed MV-1 title application (signature of primary and secondary owners required)
  • A Georgia driver’s license for each new owner
  • $18.00 for the title fee
  • $20 if registering
  • Payment for Title Ad Valorem Tax 
In some cases we may not be able to determine additional documents you require until we are able to review your basic information. If you are missing paperwork, we will happily provide a detailed list and the steps to acquire what you need. 

You can calculate the TAVT and any estimated penalties for casual and dealer sales based on the purchase date here

Your vehicle must be titled within 30 days of purchasing from a dealership, leasing, or moving to Georgia. If you purchase a vehicle from an individual, you can use your bill of sale and/or dated title in lieu of a temporary tag for 7 business days. 

After the 30 days from the purchase date, fees and penalties will incur as follows:

  • $10.00 added to the title10% of the TAVT added (5% for dealerships)
  • 1% interest for every extra month you are late (5% for dealerships)


Georgia dealerships are required by law to collect Title Ad Valorem Taxes (TAVT) and certain state fees and remit them to our office through the Georgia Electronic and Registration system. If you purchased your vehicle from a Georgia dealership, a tag may be mailed to you from Atlanta. This process generally takes several weeks. If your temporary tag will expire soon, just give us a call. We can help determine your next steps.

If your Georgia dealership did not collect tag fees and they have informed you that your tag is ready to be purchased, you can complete your registration in our office. Basic tags are $20.00. A full list of available tags can be viewed here

If you purchased your vehicle from an out-of-state dealership, they will likely mail your title work to us on your behalf. Depending on the dealership, they may also provide us with a check to cover TAVT, title, and registration. If this is the case, we will mail your tag to you, or in some cases the dealership. Some out-of-state dealerships may be unaware of Georgia’s TAVT process and may not collect taxes. If this is the case, you will be responsible for completing the registration at our office and paying tax and fees. Please check with your dealership if buying out-of-state for further details.

Sometimes out-of-state dealers send title work to you. If you receive your title, you must bring it to our office, along with all the accompanying paperwork and proof of insurance. Dealers will usually provide all the paperwork necessary to title and register your vehicle. We will let you know if there’s anything more you need.

If you purchased your vehicle from a business (other than a Georgia dealership) or individual – known as a “casual sale” – you must apply for a new title and registration within seven days of the sale. We require a signature and ID for all owners. Make sure all owners sign the back of the title and the title application.

Private Sale

All sellers listed on the front of the title need to print and sign their names on the back of the title. Georgia does not recognize "or" as ownership. If there are two names on a Georgia title, both must sign as seller. However, on titles issued from other states, we will allow only one seller to sign if the original title references "or". 

A title must be provided for model years 1986-present. A bill of sale can be used in lieu of a title for vehicle models 1985 and older. 

If there is a lien or security interest recorded on the title, it needs to be released in the space provided on the front or an original lien release must be completed by the security interest holder.

The individual selling the vehicle should remove the license plate. The seller is welcome keep it to use again or turn it in to be recycled. Primary owners may reuse tags previously issued to them. If the registration has not expired, a $5 transfer fee is required. 

Verify that out-of-state titles are notarized, if required.  

Selling a Vehicle from an Estate to a Private Party

  • The Executor of the estate needs to sign the Georgia title in the seller section (if there is more than one Executor, only one needs to sign).
  • The Executor needs to provide the buyer a certified copy of the Letters of Testamentary or Permanent Letter of Administration.
  • If there is a lien recorded on the title, the lien or security interest shown needs to be released in the space provided on the front or an original lien release must be completed by the security interest holder.
  • The Executor of the estate should remove the license plate from the vehicle and turn it in.
  • A bill of sale must be completed for vehicles 1985 or older that do not have a title.  

Family Transfers

When transferring vehicles between immediate family members, you may be eligible for a reduced tax rate. With a signed and notarized form (MV-16), TAVT will be .5% of the fair market value. This rule only applies to immediate family members, such as spouses, parents, grandparents, children, or siblings and any combination of these. Family members such as cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, or nephews are not eligible for this discounted rate. 

  • If the owner of the vehicle has already paid TAVT, then  a discounted rate of .5% of the fair market value applies. 
  • If the owner of the vehicle did not pay TAVT, and the vehicle is still in the old tax system, the new owner may elect to remain in the old tax system, paying AVT yearly, OR pay the full 6.6% TAVT to move into the new tax system.  
If you are inheriting a vehicle registered in Georgia from a deceased family member, these rules still apply, though additional information may be required. Be prepared to bring the title or registration, death certificate, and/or letter of testamentary in addition to your Glynn county ID and proof of insurance.