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 The information contained on our website is designed to provide a general overview and should not be construed to be legal advice. If you are unclear about any of these processes or if you require more detailed information, please consult with an attorney who can advise you properly based on your personal circumstances. Employees of the Tax Commissioner's Office are strictly prohibited from providing legal advice, guidance, suggestions or recommendations.

The Glynn County Tax Commissioner's Office does not sell its Tax Liens or Tax Lien Certificates. If a property does not sell at a tax sale, the property goes back into a rotation for future tax sale. If you are interested in purchasing a property at tax sale, we strongly advise that you seek competent legal advice before participating in the sale. 
If your property is under a tax lien and/or levied for tax sale and you have questions about this process, please consult with an attorney. 

Delinquent Taxes Overview

Property taxes are considered delinquent if they are unpaid by the deadline in November. Even if a portion has already been paid, any remaining unpaid taxes after the due date are still considered delinquent and are subject to interest and penalties. The Tax Commissioner's Office mails 30-day late notices on all unpaid accounts after the November deadline. 

Download a copy of our Delinquent Tax Sale Brochure here. 

Potential Delinquent Tax Sale List

tax sale properties Is your property on the Potential Tax Sale list?

Download this pdf for a list of delinquent properties in consideration for the next Tax Sale. 

Use links within the document to be directed to maps, ownership information, and more.

This list is updated weekly, so be sure to check back often. 

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Sign Up to Participate in the Tax Sale

Sign up with GovEase to participate in a tax sale.  Documentation is required to register, and bidders must be approved before the sale in order to participate. For more information on registering for an online tax sale, click here. For more information on how to use the GovEase website, click here

Four Weeks before a tax sale, a Delinquent Tax Sale List will be made public. This list will be updated weekly, and can be found in the classified section of the Brunswick News, and on our website. 

Excess Funds List

The Glynn County Tax Commissioner periodically conducts tax sales to collect unpaid property taxes. At times, there are excess funds after paying taxes, costs, and all expenses of the tax sale. Glynn County holds these excess funds on behalf of the Tax Commissioner until the funds are distributed as required by law per O.C.G.A. § 48-4-5 (2021). 

Excess Funds Request

Send your requests to the Finance Department at / Subject line: Excess Funds Request.
Please include:

Upon receipt of a tax overage claim, Glynn County has adopted as an alternative to the statutory method provided for by state law the following procedure:

In order to release the funds Glynn County requires the following:
  1. Execution of the AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT OF CLAIM FOR EXCESS TAX SALE PROCEEDS. (Download affidavit here)
  2. A letter from an attorney including a legal opinion that you are the party entitled to the excess funds pursuant to O.C.G.A. § 48-4-5, an acknowledgment that Glynn County will rely upon the attorney’s legal opinion in distributing the funds, and an affirmative statement agreeing to be responsible for the proper and legal distribution of said proceeds in accord with the priorities set forth by law.
However, this procedure is primarily used when the record owner at the time submits the claim on their own behalf.

Once a claim has been processed and approved by the County Attorney’s office a check request will be made to the Glynn County Finance Department. However, prior to the release of the check to the claimant(s), the refund must first be approved by the Glynn County Finance Committee and then Glynn County Board of Commissioners at one of their bi-weekly board meeting. 

For More information on Excess Funds, contact the Glynn County Finance Department.

Notice: You do not have to pay an asset recovery firm to claim your excess funds!